descriptionA small program to download and convert fanfictions and comics from supported websites into offline files (epub, cbz...)
ownerNiki Roo
last changeTue, 26 May 2020 19:34:54 +0000 (21:34 +0200)

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Fanfix is a small Java program that can download stories from some supported websites and render them offline.

🔴 This is the command line and server program

You can also use: - the graphical client Fanfix-swing - the TUI client Fanfix-jexer



(If you are interested in the recent changes, please check the Changelog – note that starting from version 1.4.0, the changelog is checked at startup.)

This program will convert from a (supported) URL to an .epub file for stories or a .cbz file for comics (a few other output types are also available, like Plain Text, LaTeX, HTML…).

To help organize your stories, it can also work as a local library so you can:

Supported websites

Currently, the following websites are supported:

Support file types

We support a few file types for local story conversion (both as input and as output):

Supported platforms

Any platform with at lest Java 1.6 on it should be ok.

It has been tested on Linux (Debian, Slackware, Ubuntu), MacOS X and Windows for now, but feel free to inform us if you try it on another system.

If you have any problems to compile it with a supported Java version (1.6+), please contact us.


You can start the program in two ways:

The following arguments are allowed:


Some environment variables are recognized by the program:


./ && make

You can also import the java sources into, say, Eclipse, and create a runnable JAR file from there.

There are some unit tests you can run, too:

./ && make build test run-test

If you run the unit tests, note that some flag files can impact them:

Note that test/CACHE can be kept, as it will contain all internet related files you need (if you allow URLs, run the test once which will populate the CACHE then go OFFLINE, it will still work).

The test files will be:

Dependant libraries (included)



Nothing else but Java 1.6+.

Note that calling make libs will export the libraries into the src/ directory.


Fanfix was written by Niki Roo

2020-05-26 Niki RooMerge branch 'subtree' master
2020-05-26 Niki Roofix cbz problem when no desc
2020-05-26 Niki RooMerge commit '679c6a1f7a9a13c186af996349e23fc97ac20997'
2020-05-26 Niki Roothrow IO when image is used on close
2020-05-26 Niki RooMerge commit '712ddafb749aada41daab85c36ac12f657b2307e'
2020-05-26 Niki Rooupdate to master
2020-05-26 Niki Rooweblib: fix cover image close()d
2020-05-23 Niki RooMerge commit '712ddafb749aada41daab85c36ac12f657b2307e'
2020-05-23 Niki RooBundle: fix memory leak at init/reset
2020-05-23 Niki RooBundle: fix memory leak at init/reset
2020-05-21 Niki Roocode cleanup
2020-05-21 Niki Rooweblib: zoomwidth max to 1:1
2020-05-21 Niki Rookeep publisher on re-import
2020-05-21 Niki Rooweblib: zoom: width AND width-limited + fix height...
2020-05-21 Niki Rooweblib: do not allow click on last image
2020-05-20 Niki Rooweblib: add mimetypes for ico/png/java
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