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1# Fanfix
3A small program to download and convert fanfictions and comics from supported websites into offline files (epu, cbz...).
5It can either "convert" a website into a file, or import/export to/from its library.
7## Supported platforms
9Any platform with at lest Java 1.5 on it should be ok.
11It was only tested on Linux up until now, though.
13If you have any problems to compile it on another platform or with a supported Java version (1.4 won't work, but you may try to cross-compile; 1.8 had been tested and works), please contact me.
15## Usage
17- java -jar fanfix.jar --convert http://SOME_SUPPORTE_URL/ epub /home/niki/my-story.epub: will convert the story to EPUB
18- java -jar fanfix.jar --import http://SOME_SUPPORTED_URL/ : will import the story into the local library
19- java -jar fanfix.jar --export LUID CBZ /tmp/comix.cbz : will export the story from the local library
20- java -jar fanfix.jar --list: will list the known stories and their LUIDs from the local library
21- ... (calling the program without parameters will display the syntax)
23### Environment variables
25- LANG=en java -jar fanfix.jar: force the language to English (the only one for now...)
26- CONFIG_DIR=$HOME/.fanfix java -jar fanfix.jar: use the given directory as a config directory (and copy the default configuration if needed)
27- NOUTF=1 java -jar fanfix.jar: try to fallback to non-unicode values when possible (can have an impact on the resulting files, not only on user messages)
29## Compilation
31./ && make
33You can also import the java sources into, say, Eclipse, and create a runnable JAR file from there.
34Just remember to unpak the 2 dependant libraries before (or "make libs" can do it).
36### Dependant libraries (included)
38- libs/nikiroo-utils-sources-0.9.1.jar: some shared utility functions I also use elsewhere
39- libs/unbescape-1.1.4-sources.jar: a nice library to escape/unescape a lot of text formats; I only use it for HTML
41Nothing else but Java 1.5+.
43Note that calling "make libs" will export the libraries into the src/ directory.
45## Supported websites
47Currently, the following websites are supported:
48- Fanfictions devoted to the My Little Pony show
49- Fan fictions of many, many different universes, from TV shows to novels to games.
50- A well filled repository of mangas, or, as their website states: Most popular manga scanlations read online for free at mangafox, as well as a close-knit community to chat and make friends.
51- Furry website supporting comics, including MLP
53We also support some other (file) types:
54- epub: EPUB files created by this program (we do not support "all" EPUB files)
55- text: Support class for local stories encoded in textual format, with a few rules :
56 - the title must be on the first line,
57 - the author (preceded by nothing, "by " or "©") must be on the second line, possibly with the publication date in parenthesis (i.e., "By Unknown (3rd October 1998)"),
58 - chapters must be declared with "Chapter x" or "Chapter x: NAME OF THE CHAPTER", where "x" is the chapter number,
59 - a description of the story must be given as chapter number 0,
60 - a cover image may be present with the same filename but a PNG, JPEG or JPG extension.
61- info_text: Contains the same information as the TEXT format, but with a companion ".info" file to store some metadata
62- cbz: CBZ (collection of images) files created with this program
64## TODO
66- A nice README file
67- A binary JAR release (and thus, versions)
68- Improve the CLI reader
69- Offer some other readers (TUI, GUI)
70- Check if it can work on Android