Update nikiroo-utils (fix for e-hentai language)
[fanfix.git] / src / be / nikiroo / fanfix / supported / BasicSupport.java
2017-04-20 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils (fix for e-hentai language)
2017-04-18 Niki RooNew website supported on request: e-hentai.org
2017-03-09 Niki RooBetter cover support for 'local' (File) support
2017-03-08 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils, add new UI Options menu
2017-03-05 Niki RooImprove importing progress reporting
2017-03-05 Niki RooFix some bad line breaks on HTML supports
2017-03-05 Niki RooUI: progress bars fixes, update nikiroo-utils
2017-03-04 Niki RooWordcount (including UI), date of creation
2017-02-27 Niki RooPartially fix YiffStar support
2017-02-26 Niki RooNew support: YiffStar (still no logged-in content)
2017-02-26 Niki RooVersion 1.2.4: fixes, new "Re-download" UI option
2017-02-24 Niki RooVersion 1.2.3: new supported type: HTML fanfix-1.2.3
2017-02-19 Niki RooMove default tmp dirs, fix BLANK handling
2017-02-19 Niki RooAdd progress reporting on GUI
2017-02-18 Niki RooVersion 1.1.0
2017-02-17 Niki RooFix e621 bug on "pending" pools
2017-02-17 Niki RooVersion 1.0.0 fanfix-1.0.0
2017-02-16 Niki RooFix some perf/space problems, add a cover for e621
2017-02-14 Niki RooLot of fixes + first (bad, ugly) working GUI fanfix-0.9.3
2017-02-13 Niki RooPartial HTML implementation, partial GUI support
2017-02-12 Niki RooLibrary scanning much quicker
2017-02-12 Niki RooJDK 1.6 compatibility fixes (still not tested on 1.5)
2017-02-12 Niki RooMain.java: new actins available
2017-02-11 Niki RooInitial commit (working)