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GoFetch is a simple web scrapper that outputs gopher-ready files.


gofetch [dir] [selector] [type] [max] [hostname] [port]


You point the program to your gopher directory, you launch it, and you have a gopher view of the supported news sites.

The program will also helpfully create a gophermap and an index.html page for each supported website, as well as a general page to link to all the subpages (selector/gophermap and selector/index.html).

Supported websites

Supported platforms

Any platform with at lest Java 1.6 on it should be ok.


You can start the program via the script or directly with java:

The options are:


./ && make

You can also import the java sources into, say, Eclipse, and create a runnable JAR file from there.

Dependant libraries (included)

Nothing else but Java 1.6+.

Note that calling make libs will export the libraries into the src/ directory.


GoFetch was written by Niki Roo

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