2017-11-23 Niki RooVersion 1.6.2 fanfix-1.6.2
2017-11-23 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils (Progress) + GuiReader perf
2017-11-21 Niki RooVersion 1.6.1 fanfix-1.6.1
2017-11-21 Niki RooFix source/type reset on redownload, show num img
2017-08-19 Niki RooNew one-item-per-source-type mode
2017-08-18 Niki RooVersion 1.6.0 fanfix-1.6.0
2017-08-18 Niki RooNew key for FimFictionApi, no TUI by default
2017-08-17 Niki RooFimFictionApi: fix for \t and \"
2017-08-09 Niki RooSome fixes:
2017-08-06 Niki RooUpdate changelog
2017-08-06 Niki RooUse Downloader/Cache from utils
2017-08-06 Niki RooFix bug when moving an unopened book in GUI
2017-08-06 Niki RooUpdate to latest nikiroo-utils
2017-07-19 Niki RooUpdate README
2017-07-15 Niki RooTUI: update (most menu functions working)
2017-07-15 Niki RooSmall fixes for epub:
2017-07-15 Niki RooSmall fixes: update check, epub:
2017-07-14 Niki RooFix: do not sysout/syserr in TUI mode + some fixes
2017-07-13 Niki RooFimfictionApi: improve bbcode description handling
2017-07-12 Niki RooFimfictionAPI: quote problem in json "parsing"
2017-07-12 Niki RooNew API downloading:
2017-07-08 Niki RooAdd more warnings source to 1.6) and fix warnings
2017-07-06 Niki RooUpdate to latest version of nikiroo-utils
2017-07-05 Niki RooCode cleanup 3 and update jexer-niki :
2017-07-05 Niki RooCode cleanup 2 (a third one is pending)
2017-07-04 Niki RooMove from jexer-0.0.4 to jexer-0.0.4-niki0
2017-07-03 Niki RooCode cleanup: Libraries/Readers
2017-07-02 Niki RooFix again (--tui=no + jar was not ok)
2017-07-02 Niki RooFix (LocalReader -> GuiReader)
2017-07-02 Niki RooRenames and jDo
2017-07-02 Niki RooDependency fix + Local/Remote Library support
2017-07-02 Niki RooAdd a test for Library (before changing it)
2017-07-01 Niki RooNetwork server and Library + nikiroo-utils update
2017-07-01 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils, update Library
2017-06-30 Niki RooMake TUI optional (and update nikiroo-utils):
2017-06-30 Niki RooTUI: start each chapter on top of text
2017-06-30 Niki RooTUI: Disable "< << > >>" buttons as required
2017-06-28 Niki RooFix TUI visual glitch (empty button)
2017-06-28 Niki RooTUI: fix CloseAllWindows
2017-06-28 Niki RooFix TUI << < > >> buttons mouse clicking
2017-06-28 Niki RooMore work on TUI (can now browse a text story)
2017-06-28 Niki RooMore work on TUI (buttons in the viewer window)
2017-06-27 Niki RooAdd Jexer license and readme files
2017-06-27 Niki RooFix configure script for Jexer
2017-06-27 Niki RooAdd a new TUI system based upon Jexer (WIP)
2017-06-22 Niki RooUpdate to nnikiroo-utils-1.5.0
2017-06-20 Niki RooSome jDoc fixes
2017-06-18 Niki RooFimFiction: Fix tags and chapter handling fanfix-1.5.3
2017-06-05 Niki RooVersion 1.5.2: fix Fimfiction 4 metadata fanfix-1.5.2
2017-06-05 Niki RooVersion 1.5.1: FimFiction 4, small fix on eHentai fanfix-1.5.1
2017-04-25 Niki RooFix: "Chapter 5: - Fun!" -> "Chapter 5: Fun!"
2017-04-20 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils (fix for e-hentai language)
2017-04-18 Niki RooWhen cover not found, check next to .info
2017-04-18 Niki RooFix date/language meta data on e-hentai
2017-04-18 Niki RooVersion 1.5.0 fanfix-1.5.0
2017-04-18 Niki RooNew website supported on request:
2017-04-02 Niki RooFix cover not deleted, add new UI option "Move to"
2017-03-14 Niki RooPerf improvement: covers
2017-03-12 Niki RooVersion 1.4.2 fanfix-1.4.2
2017-03-09 Niki RooUI update: smoother progress updates (still wip)
2017-03-09 Niki RooBetter cover support for 'local' (File) support
2017-03-08 Niki Roo(README update)
2017-03-08 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils, add new UI Options menu
2017-03-05 Niki RooImprove importing progress reporting
2017-03-05 Niki Roo(update changelog)
2017-03-05 Niki RooReset to version 1.4.1, fix update checks fanfix-1.4.1
2017-03-05 Niki Roo(update changelog)
2017-03-05 Niki RooVersion 1.4.2: fix for images documents...
2017-03-05 Niki RooFix nikiroo-utils for Java 1.6 compat
2017-03-05 Niki Roorevalidate: not in java 1.6
2017-03-05 Niki RooVersion 1.4.1
2017-03-05 Niki RooFix some bad line breaks on HTML supports
2017-03-05 Niki RooUI: progress bars fixes, update nikiroo-utils
2017-03-05 Niki Roo(changelog update)
2017-03-05 Niki RooFix for version 1.4.0 (a.k.a., "oopsie") fanfix-1.4.0
2017-03-05 Niki RooVersion 1.4.0
2017-03-04 Niki Roo(changelog update)
2017-03-04 Niki RooFix CBZ: do not include the first page twice
2017-03-04 Niki RooUI: change title display in groups (+README)
2017-03-04 Niki RooWordcount (including UI), date of creation
2017-03-04 Niki Roo(README update)
2017-03-03 Niki RooVersion 1.3.1: UI: authors fanfix-1.3.1
2017-03-02 Niki RooVersion 1.3.0 fanfix-1.3.0
2017-03-02 Niki RooFix POST parameters and YiffStar support
2017-02-27 Niki RooGUI: automatically select URLs from clipboard
2017-02-27 Niki RooAdd --version and also display it in UI
2017-02-27 Niki RooPartially fix YiffStar support
2017-02-26 Niki RooNew support: YiffStar (still no logged-in content)
2017-02-26 Niki Roo(Changelog update)
2017-02-26 Niki Roo(changelog update) fanfix-1.2.4
2017-02-26 Niki RooVersion 1.2.4: fixes, new "Re-download" UI option
2017-02-26 Niki RooWoopsie, forgot file
2017-02-24 Niki RooVersion 1.2.3: new supported type: HTML fanfix-1.2.3
2017-02-24 Niki RooVersion 1.2.2: fixes, export in UI fanfix-1.2.2
2017-02-23 Niki RooFix breaks (<hr>) CSS style, GUI update bug fixed
2017-02-23 Niki RooChange the "cached" marker to make it look 3D-like
2017-02-22 Niki RooImprove UI, implement "Save as..." menu item
2017-02-21 Niki RooVersion 1.2.1: fixes for GUI, new buttons fanfix-1.2.1
2017-02-20 Niki RooVersion 1.2.0: better UI, some fixes fanfix-1.2.0
2017-02-20 Niki RooCSS change, some fallbacks programs for Desktop