2019-05-25 Niki RooChangelog patch-2.0.3
2019-05-25 Niki RooVersion 2.0.3
2019-05-25 Niki RooFix Yiffstar
2019-05-25 Niki Rooallow clean disk cache
2019-05-25 Niki Rooallow clean disk cache
2019-05-25 Niki Rooupdate nikiroo-utils
2019-04-05 Niki RooVersion 2.0.2
2019-03-28 Niki Roofull selection
2019-03-28 Niki Roospace = popup
2019-03-26 Niki Roostep 2
2019-03-26 Niki Rookeyboard: step 1
2019-03-26 Niki Roogui: code cleanup
2019-03-26 Niki Roogui: ReDownload must not delete original
2019-03-26 Niki Roocbz: fix support to discard story
2019-03-26 Niki Roogui: code cleanup
2019-03-26 Niki Rooi18n: fix files
2019-03-26 Niki Roogui: fix internal viewer editable
2019-03-26 Niki Rooi18n: fixes
2019-03-25 Niki Roogui: French translation
2019-03-24 Niki RooREADME update
2019-03-24 Niki RooBack to DEV
2019-03-24 Niki RooVersion 2.0.1 fanfix-2.0.1
2019-03-24 Niki Roogui: better refresh for changeSTA
2019-03-24 Niki Roolib: cache not refreshed on changeSTA
2019-03-24 Niki Roogui: do not always refresh the books after an action
2019-03-24 Niki Rooback to DEV
2019-03-24 Niki RooVersion 2.0.0 fanfix-2.0.0
2019-03-24 Niki Rooadd option for internal viewer, by def
2019-03-24 Niki Rooui: image viewer fix size first image
2019-03-24 Niki Rooreader: fix meta desc
2019-03-24 Niki Roogui: improve internal text reader
2019-03-24 Niki Roogui: fix viewers, now ~OK
2019-03-24 Niki Roosmall cached lib fixes
2019-03-24 Niki RooGUI: Update internal viewer:
2019-03-23 Niki Roogui: code cleanup + bold/ita
2019-03-22 Niki RooImplement a text story viewer
2019-03-22 Niki Roogui: code cleanup for properties
2019-03-22 Nikifix cache getStory
2019-03-22 Nikifix some ui thread errors
2019-03-22 Nikifix: NPE when opening source/author
2019-03-22 Nikifix properties page invalid date format
2019-03-22 Nikifix java > 6 dep
2019-03-22 Niki Roocode cleanup
2019-03-22 Niki Roocode cleanup
2019-03-22 Niki Roogui: fix sync() method usage
2019-03-21 Niki Roogui: code cleanup
2019-03-21 Niki Roocached lib can now getStory()
2019-03-21 Niki Rooopening html files was not OK anymore
2019-03-20 Niki Roofix see word count on source/author, step 2
2019-03-20 Niki Roofix see word count on source/author, step 1
2019-03-20 Niki Roogui: add support for author cover
2019-03-20 Niki Roofix custom author covers
2019-03-20 Niki Roocover: allow custom author covers
2019-03-19 Niki Roogui: fix ChangeSTA, fix [unknown] author
2019-03-19 Niki Rooupdate chanelog
2019-03-19 Niki RooCLI: set-source/title/author
2019-03-19 Niki Roocode cleanup
2019-03-19 Niki RooeHentai content warning fixed
2019-03-19 Niki Roogui: better app exit
2019-03-19 Niki Roogui: code cleanup
2019-03-18 Niki Roogui: allow 'all' and 'listing' for sources and authors
2019-03-18 Niki Rooupdate
2019-03-18 Niki Roochangelog: en <-> fr mix up
2019-03-18 Niki Roogui: use submenus for subdirs
2019-03-18 Niki Roocan now use '/' in sources
2019-03-17 Niki Rooupdate
2019-03-17 Niki Roogui: change name, author
2019-03-17 Niki Rooupdate nikiroo-utils
2019-03-17 Niki Rooupdate docs
2019-03-16 Niki Roofix remote default covers
2019-03-16 Niki Rooimprove perf for getCover
2019-03-16 Niki Roogui: separate authors into subgroups
2019-03-15 Niki RooREADME/changelog update
2019-03-15 Niki RooREADME: undo link fix for GitHub
2019-03-15 Niki RooREADME: fix link
2019-03-15 Niki Roooops, forgot a file
2019-03-14 Niki Roogui: add a Properties page
2019-03-14 Niki fix format for markdown
2019-03-14 Niki Rooreader: sync/async work
2019-03-14 Niki RooMerge branch 'master' of
2019-03-13 Niki Rooconfigure: add tui by default upstream.niki
2019-03-13 Niki Roofix remote tries to import remote files
2019-03-13 Niki RooTODO update, gui: jdoc + small rename
2019-03-13 Niki Rootui: delete story
2019-03-13 Niki RooMove TSizeConstraint into new package
2019-03-13 Niki Roofix tbrowsablewidget size
2019-03-13 Niki Rootui: fix tbrowsablewidget size
2019-03-13 Niki Rootui: story reader: fix metadata list
2019-03-13 Niki Rootui: fix story reader layout
2019-03-12 Niki RooMerge branch 'master' of
2019-03-12 Niki Rootui: fix default widget
2019-03-12 Niki Rooupdate jexer
2019-03-11 Niki Rootui: better combos
2019-03-10 Niki Rootui: improve mode selection
2019-03-10 Niki RooMerge branch 'master' into tmp
2019-03-10 Niki Roofix cover issue
2019-03-08 Niki RooUpdate TODO
2019-03-08 Niki Rootui: resize + src selection
2019-03-08 Niki Rootui: use tsizeconstraint
2019-03-08 Niki Roonew: TSizeConstraint