descriptionSmall TUI (text mode) VCard manager (also supports abook files)
ownerNiki Roo
last changeSun, 3 Mar 2019 11:07:17 +0000 (12:07 +0100)
2019-03-03 Niki Rooupdate to latest nikiroo-utils master
2018-09-27 Niki RoojDoc, possible leak on crash, new depth option
2018-04-28 Niki RooNew SAVE_TO option
2018-04-28 Niki RooUpdate support code for Jexer
2017-07-13 Niki RooNew Jexer TUI now working (still needs work)
2017-07-10 Niki RooPrepare a new TUI version with Jexer (needs TTable)
2017-07-08 Niki RooAdd more warnings source to 1.6) and fix warnings
2017-07-06 Niki RooVersion 2.0.0: update sources
2017-07-06 Niki RooChange build scripts
2016-05-08 Niki RooFix 2 TODO items:
2016-05-07 Niki RooFix makefile (default target Java version removed)...
2016-05-07 Niki RooVersion back to -dev
2016-05-07 Niki RooNew version: 1.1 v1.1
2016-05-07 Niki RooSliders in note panel
2016-04-14 Niki RooMakefile: insert Lanterna resources at the right place
2016-04-05 Niki RooOptional: return only 2 types of exceptions
4 years ago v1.1
4 years ago v1.0
4 years ago v1.0-beta3
4 years ago v1.0-beta2
4 years ago v1.0-beta1
20 months ago master