2019-03-04 Nikigenerated is better than vendor in this case master
2019-03-04 NikiMake GitHub ignore test files for lang detection
2018-12-26 Niki RooFix reddit
2018-12-26 Niki RooFix reddit
2018-12-26 Niki RooFix reddit changing IDs + prep version 3.1.1
2018-12-26 Niki RooPrepare version 1.3.0
2018-12-26 Niki RooFix Redit changing IDs
2018-12-26 Niki RooRemove dead website PipeDot
2018-10-10 Niki RooReddit test: add expected files
2018-10-10 Niki RooReddit: ID also use title
2018-10-09 Niki RooReddit: fix comments and some articles
2018-10-08 Niki RooReddit: fix problem with new kind of html (wip)
2018-10-05 Niki RooReddit test: source files
2018-10-05 Niki RooNew: reddit linux_gaming
2018-09-28 Niki RooMerge branch 'master' of github.com:nikiroo/gofetch
2018-09-28 Niki Roo7s7: description change (add a ":")
2018-09-26 Niki RooFix layout issues in getContent() text
2018-09-26 Niki Rooforgot a test file
2018-09-26 Niki RooSeptSurSept: fix title/intro encoding issues
2018-09-26 Niki RooAdd title in index pages, add reference in story
2018-09-26 Niki RooPhoronix: fix first comment is article copy
2018-09-26 Niki Roo7sur7: update test + data
2018-09-26 Niki RooAdd support for 7sur7.be
2018-09-26 Niki RooTest: add TooLinux
2018-09-26 Niki RooReorganise test system via Downloader/Cache
2018-09-23 Niki RooAdd test for Slashdot + fix style
2018-09-23 Niki RooFix new tests and make TestLWN work
2018-09-23 Niki RooAdd tests (WIP)
2018-09-07 Niki RooFix bug due to 'id'-handling change
2018-09-07 Niki RooFix some IDs and update utils
2018-04-17 Niki RooMerge branch 'master' of github.com:nikiroo/gofetch
2018-04-17 Niki Roogopher.sh: remove dialog support (ugly to use)
2018-04-16 Niki Roogopher.sh: fix protocol default port
2018-04-15 Niki Roogopher.sh: cosmetic
2018-04-15 Niki Roogopher.sh: use single URI parameter
2018-04-15 Niki Roogopher.sh: note the current link number
2018-04-15 Niki Roogopher.h: 'p' and 'n' commands
2018-04-15 Niki Roogopher.sh: error message when server KO
2018-04-14 Niki Roogopher.sh: allow forced type specifiers
2018-04-14 Niki Roogopher.sh: "digging to [..]" when following links
2018-04-12 Niki Roogopher.sh: small fixes:
2018-04-10 Niki Roogopher.sh: allow usage of the program 'dialog'
2018-04-10 Niki Roogopher.sh: fix LESS and colours
2018-04-10 Niki Roogopher.sh: colours, allow quick-exit, improve perf
2018-04-10 Niki Roogopher.sh: rename ImageUtils.sh -> img2aa
2018-04-06 Niki Roogopher.sh: add support for g and I
2018-04-06 Niki Roogopher.sh: support for ImageUtils.sh
2018-04-06 Niki Roogopher.sh: support jp2a to display images
2018-04-06 Niki Roogopher.sh: update ("download" mode)
2018-04-06 Niki Roogopher.sh: disabling the escape sequences with ENV
2018-04-03 Niki Roogopher.sh: fix mktemp usage (6 'X's instead of 5?)
2018-04-01 Niki Roogopher.sh: use same colours as lynx for menu
2018-04-01 Niki RooSmall gopher client in SH
2018-03-30 Niki Roogopher(d).sh: a server name should end with 'd'
2018-03-29 Niki RooREADME.md update (better man support)
2018-03-29 Niki RooChange README.md
2018-03-29 Niki RooUpdate Makefile
2018-03-29 Niki RooNew website supported: Phoronix
2018-03-25 Niki Roochangelog.md
2018-03-25 Niki RooBug fixes + rework of BasicSupport
2018-03-25 Niki Roochangelog.md
2018-03-25 Niki RooFix subtitles and too much content in EreNumerique
2018-03-23 Niki RooVersion 1.2.0: fixes + new websites
2018-03-23 Niki RooSmall fixes in different places
2018-03-23 Niki RooTrim details to allow incomplete parts in HTML
2018-03-23 Niki RooTooLinux: details and content were inversed
2018-03-23 Niki RooNew website supported: Ère Numérique FR
2018-03-23 Niki RooSeparate story details components
2018-03-23 Niki RooVisually improve comment without author (Gopher)
2018-03-22 Niki RooUpdate changelog
2018-03-22 Niki RooAdd URL footnotes
2018-03-22 Niki RooTooLinux: fix name
2018-03-22 Niki RooNew support: TooLinux
2018-03-22 Niki RooREGISTER: now supports comment replies
2018-03-22 Niki RooHTML style change (author in italics)
2018-03-22 Niki RooNew getComentById() method
2018-03-22 Niki RooUpdate changelog
2018-03-22 Niki RooSkip bad stories instead of aborting the process
2018-03-19 Niki RooChange: less \n in the listing if no content
2018-03-19 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils
2018-03-19 Niki RooVersion 1.1.0: new website: The Register
2018-03-19 Niki RooFix sh script (missing "#!")
2018-03-19 Niki RooAdd new supported site: The Register
2018-03-18 Niki RooUse String justification from nikiroo-utils
2018-03-18 Niki RooVersion 1.0.3: small fixes, update nikiroo-utils
2018-03-18 Niki RooDo not exit when failing to download a typ
2018-03-18 Niki RooUpdate nikiroo-utils, use it, fix 2 bugs:
2017-09-06 Niki RooMore jDoc, a new BasicElementProcessor
2017-08-29 Niki RooVersion 1.0.2: news format is text (not gophermap)
2017-08-29 Niki RooFix [more] links (point to gophermap, not text)
2017-08-28 Niki RooGopher output fix (spaces, "i")
2017-08-28 Niki RooGopher: menu/text fix for news step 2
2017-08-28 Niki RooGopher: (WIP): menu -> text for news
2017-08-22 Niki RooUpdate to the gopher mini-test service
2017-08-22 Niki RooUpdate gopher.sh mini test service
2017-08-22 Niki RooVersion 1.0.1: Fix Le Monde IDs in gopher
2017-08-22 Niki RooVersion 1.0.0: add Le Monde support
2017-08-22 Niki RooFix changelog
2017-08-22 Niki RooVersion 0.2.0: supports LWN, quotes, <br>s
2017-08-20 Niki Roo.cache -> gophermap